Indiana Pacers Basketball Schedule 2024: TV Timings & Past Match Results

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The Indiana Pacers are one of the solid teams in the NBA, with a balanced roster led by Domantas Sabonis, the 2023 All-Star, and Malcolm Brogdon, the 2023 All-NBA Third Team. The Pacers also have a new coach in Rick Carlisle, who returned to Indiana after leaving the Dallas Mavericks at the end of the 2022-23 season. The Pacers are looking to make some noise in the playoffs, after finishing with a 24-17 record in the shortened 2022-23 season and losing in the first round.

The Pacers have a mixed schedule ahead of them, facing some of the best teams in the league, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, the Brooklyn Nets, and the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as some of the worst teams, such as the Detroit Pistons, the Orlando Magic, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Pacers will also participate in the inaugural in-season tournament, which will feature 30 teams competing for a $1 million prize and a playoff spot. The Pacers will play in the Central Division, along with the Chicago Bulls, the Detroit Pistons, the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here is a breakdown of the Pacers’ schedule for the 2023-24 season, including dates, times, and TV info for each game.

Indiana Pacers Basketball Match Results:

Indiana Pacers Match
Indiana Pacers Vs.Indiana Pacers Match
Oct 25, 2023Indiana Pacers vs WashingtonWon 143-120
Oct 28, 2023Indiana Pacers vs ClevelandWon 125-113
Oct 30, 2023Indiana Pacers vs ChicagoLoose 112-105
Nov 1, 2023Indiana Pacers vs BostonLoose 155-104
Nov 3, 2023Indiana Pacers vs ClevelandWon 121-116
Nov 4, 2023Indiana Pacers vs CharlotteLoose 125-124
Nov 6, 2023Indiana Pacers vs San AntonioWon 152-111
Nov 8, 2023Indiana Pacers vs UtahWon 134-118
Nov 9, 2023Indiana Pacers vs MilwaukeeWon 126-124
Nov 12, 2023Indiana Pacers vs PhiladelphiaLoose 137-126
Nov 14, 2023Indiana Pacers vs PhiladelphiaWon 132-126
Nov 19, 2023Indiana Pacers vs OrlandoLoose 128-116
Nov 21, 2023Indiana Pacers vs AtlantaWon 157-152
Nov 22, 2023Indiana Pacers vs TorontoLoose 132-131
Nov 24, 2023Indiana Pacers vs DetroitWon 136-113
Nov 27, 2023Indiana Pacers vs PortlandLoose 114-110
Nov 30, 2023Indiana Pacers vs MiamiLoose 142-132
Dec 2, 2023Indiana Pacers vs MiamiWon 144-129
Dec 4, 2023Indiana Pacers vs BostonWon 122-112
Dec 7, 2023Indiana Pacers vs MilwaukeeWon 128-119
Dec 11, 2023Indiana Pacers vs DetroitWon 131-123
Dec 13, 2023Indiana Pacers vs MilwaukeeLoose 140-126
Dec 15, 2023Indiana Pacers vs WashingtonLoose 137-123
Dec 16, 2023Indiana Pacers vs MinnesotaLoose 127-109
Dec 18, 2023Indiana Pacers vs L.A. ClippersLoose 151-127
Dec 20, 2023Indiana Pacers vs CharlotteWon 144-113
Dec 21, 2023Indiana Pacers vs MemphisLoose 116-103
Dec 23, 2023Indiana Pacers vs OrlandoLoose 117-110
Dec 26, 2023Indiana Pacers vs HoustonWon 123-117
Dec 28, 2023Indiana Pacers vs ChicagoWon 120-104
Dec 30, 2023Indiana Pacers vs New YorkWon 140-126
Jan 1, 2024Indiana Pacers vs MilwaukeeWon 122-113
Jan 3, 2024Indiana Pacers vs MilwaukeeWon 142-130
Jan 5, 2024Indiana Pacers vs AtlantaWon 150-116
Jan 6, 2024Indiana Pacers vs BostonLoose 118-101
Jan 8, 2024Indiana Pacers vs BostonWon 133-131
Jan 10, 2024Indiana Pacers vs WashingtonWon 112-104
Jan 12, 2024Indiana Pacers vs AtlantaWon 126-108
Jan 14, 2024Indiana Pacers vs DenverLoose 117-109
Jan 15, 2024Indiana Pacers vs UtahLoose 132-105
Jan 18, 2024Indiana Pacers vs SacramentoWon 126-121
Jan 19, 2024Indiana Pacers vs PortlandLoose 118-115
Jan 21, 2024Indiana Pacers vs PhoenixLoose 117-110
Jan 23, 2024Indiana Pacers vs DenverLoose 114-109

Indiana Pacers Basketball Schedule 2024:

Indiana Pacers Games TodayIndiana Pacers Vs.TV
Indiana Pacers Match
Jan 25, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Philadelphia7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Jan 26, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Phoenix7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Jan 28, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Memphis3:30 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Jan 30, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Boston7:30 pmTNT, TD Garden
Feb 1, 2024Indiana Pacers vs New York7:30 pmMadison Square Garden
Feb 2, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Sacramento7:30 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Feb 4, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Charlotte6:00 pmSpectrum Center
Feb 6, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Houston7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Feb 8, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Golden St.7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Feb 10, 2024Indiana Pacers vs New York7:30 pmMadison Square Garden
Feb 12, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Charlotte7:00 pmSpectrum Center
Feb 14, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Toronto7:30 pmScotiabank Arena
Feb 22, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Detroit7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Feb 25, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Dallas5:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Feb 26, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Toronto7:00 pmNBAt, Gainbridge Fieldhouse
Feb 28, 2024Indiana Pacers vs New Orleans7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Mar 1, 2024Indiana Pacers vs New Orleans8:00 pmSmoothie King Center
Mar 3, 2024Indiana Pacers vs San Antonio7:00 pmFrost Bank Center
Mar 5, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Dallas8:30 pmAmerican Airlines Center
Mar 7, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Minnesota7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Mar 10, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Orlando6:00 pmKia Center
Mar 12, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Oklahoma City8:00 pmPaycom Center
Mar 13, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Chicago7:30 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Mar 16, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Brooklyn7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Mar 18, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Mar 20, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Detroit7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Mar 22, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Golden St.10:00 pmChase Center
Mar 24, 2024Indiana Pacers vs L.A. Lakers10:00 pmNBAt, Arena
Mar 25, 2024Indiana Pacers vs L.A. Clippers10:30 Arena
Mar 27, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Chicago8:00 pmUnited Center
Mar 29, 2024Indiana Pacers vs L.A. Lakers7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Apr 1, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Brooklyn7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Apr 3, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Brooklyn7:30 pmBarclays Center
Apr 5, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Oklahoma City7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Apr 7, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Miami5:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Apr 9, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Toronto7:00 pmScotiabank Arena
Apr 12, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland7:30 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Apr 14, 2024Indiana Pacers vs Atlanta1:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse

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