Charlotte Hornets 2023 Rosters: Players, Positions and more

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The Charlotte Hornets are one of the most exciting teams in the NBA, having made the playoffs for the first time since 2016 in the 2022-23 season. The Hornets have a young and talented roster that features a mix of rising stars, veteran leaders, and promising rookies. Here is a review of the Charlotte Hornets roster 2023 in table format, along with some analysis of their performance and potential.

Charlotte Hornets Players Roster:

1LaMelo BallPG6-71808/22/2001 (22)3
2James BouknightSG6-41909/18/2000 (23)2UConn
0Miles BridgesPF6-72253/21/1998 (25)4Michigan St.
20Gordon HaywardSF6-72253/23/1990 (33)13Butler
23Kai JonesPF6-112211/19/2001 (22)2Texas
9Theo MaledonPG6-51756/12/2001 (22)3
11Cody MartinSG6-62059/28/1995 (27)4Nevada
7Bryce McGowensSG6-617511/8/2002 (20)1Nebraska
Brandon MillerSF6-820011/22/2002 (20)RAlabama
17Svi MykhailiukSF6-72056/10/1997 (26)5Kansas
James NnajiC6-102258/14/2004 (19)R
Frank NtilikinaPG6-42007/28/1998 (25)6
12Kelly Oubre Jr.SG6-620312/9/1995 (27)8Kansas
4Nick RichardsC7-124511/29/1997 (25)3Kentucky
3Terry RozierSG6-11903/17/1994 (29)8Louisville
23Kobi SimmonsPG6-51807/4/1997 (26)3Arizona
Nick Smith Jr.SG6-51854/18/2004 (19)RArkansas
19Xavier SneedSF6-521512/21/1997 (25)2Kansas St.
21JT ThorPF6-92038/26/2002 (21)2Auburn
25PJ WashingtonPF6-72308/23/1998 (25)4Kentucky
5Mark WilliamsC7-124012/16/2001 (21)1Duke

The Charlotte Hornets roster 2023 is a well-balanced and talented group that can compete with any team in the league. The Hornets have a strong core of stars in Ball, Bouknight, and Bridges, who can carry the offensive load and make big plays. They also have a solid supporting cast of veterans in Washington, Oubre, and Rozier, who can provide stability and leadership.

They also have a promising young bench of Richards, Thor, and Jones, who can provide energy and spark. The Hornets also have some shooters in Maledon, Martin, and McGowens, who can stretch the floor and open up lanes. The Hornets also have some developmental prospects in Miller, Smith, and Bailey, who can learn from the veterans and improve their skills.

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